Create Your “Fitness and Wellness Vision”

It is crucial that when you begin any journey that you begin that journey with the end goal in mind. You must know your destination before you take that first step.

Not only is it important to know your end goal so that you can how and where to begin, but it is absolutely critical to motivate you to continue in pursuit of that end goal when you run into life’s obstacles.

It always baffles me of how so many people can skip this foundational step when they try to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The telltale sign that someone hasn’t created a vision is when they say something like, “I need you to motivate me” or “I need the motivation to…”

If you are struggling at finding the proper motivation to exercise or eat healthier then chances are you never took time to create a “fitness and wellness vision.”

A vision is a compelling statement of who you want to be and what health-promoting, life-enhancing behaviors you would like to do on a consistent basis.

To get you started let me ask you some basic questions.

What is it that you would love to achieve with your own health and fitness?

Would you like to:

Run a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra-marathon
Eat more vegetables
Get stronger
Fit into a certain article of clothing
Go up the stairs without breathing hard
Sculpt a lean and toned body
Be a healthier and more proficient cook
Perform a pushup, pull-up, or pistol squat
Finally get a six pack
Any other idea you might have…

What would you like your family to achieve?

Would you like to (fill in the blank) with your family:

Eat healthier meals
Exercise together
Go on hikes
Ride bikes together or go on walks together
All eat at the table as a family for at least one of the daily meals
All enter into a 5k run/walk race
All be at healthy weights
Go to the park together more often
Any other idea you might have…

Take some time to think about what you would like to personally achieve in your own fitness and wellness. But before you do I want to explain what it means to create a vision. This isn’t necessarily goal setting like you might be used to. This is creating your own ideal vision. It is the big picture.

When you create your vision I want you to close your eyes and paint the big picture. What would be your ideal fitness and wellness situation? What would you look, feel, and act like at your ideal? What would make you smile? Good. Now keep imagining. Think of what you would be capable of doing. What would this do for you?

What aspect(s) do you value most about your vision? Why is it really important that you achieve this vision? What good will come from your doing so?

Take your time and enjoy the experience. You can imagine anything you want. This is whatever would make you happy. It has to be something that puts a fire in your belly. It needs to be something that will motivate you and carry you throughout the day to day struggles of becoming healthier and more fit.

Once you feel you have created a strong and very motivating vision of your own health and wellness, I want you to grab a pen and paper and begin writing. Describe what you imagined, how it felt, what you would be capable of, what doors would open for you and your life by achieving this. Write down as much as you can. Enjoy this process.

Now if you are a visual person then I would suggest that you create a vision board. Get some poster board at the store and create a visual display of what your vision represents. Cut out pictures from magazines, print off pictures from the internet, cut out or write the words that describe your vision, you could even draw or sketch the things you envisioned.

Try to express feelings as much as possible and what new doors would open up for you from achieving your vision.

Once you are done, complete one for your family. I would suggest that you create this vision together with your spouse. Sit down with them and brainstorm and dream together. You can always come up with better ideas when you play off of the creativity from one another.

Well, what are you waiting for? The first step to successfully changing your lifestyle to a healthier one is to create an extremely motivational vision of your end goal.

So grab a pen and paper, close your eyes and get going.


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